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It is time to drop your false masks and reclaim your divine and truest identity: Join a transformational 12 week journey to heal your body and every aspect of your life

Welcome Beloved!

You have probably done well for yourself.

You may have even achieved many of the goals you have set out to achieve.

Yet something seems to be missing:

You struggle to find daily satisfaction in the life you have created for yourself, you're stuck in emotional ups and downs and some parts of your life seem to be stuck in a loop of unwanted events or are never changing.

It's time for a radical change.

I invite you on a 12-week journey that begins with resetting your body, followed by an inner journey like no other you have taken before, leading to profound transformations, and culminating in a life of fulfillment, joy, and authentic well-being.

It's time to reclaim your unique divine soul signature.

Are You Ready for Radical Change?

  • Break free from daily micro-aggressions and triggers

  • Discover lasting satisfaction beyond weekends and vacations

  • Reconnect with your truest self

  • Feel good in your body again

The Journey Back to Your Authentic Self


Dr. Holda Gueye's Matrix of Transformation Program

Hear what others are saying about their transformative experiences.

I healed in 3 weeks what my therapist could not completely heal in 4 years. I'm not saying to fire your therapist, because I still work with mine, but Dr. Holda's Matrix of transformation paradigm has absolutely changed my life and I wish I started this sooner. I have told every single one of my girlfriends and family member about it.


For years I suffered from vague medical symptoms without a diagnosis including heart palpitation, fatigue, random rashes and hair loss. Dr. Holda Gueye helped me reverse this simply by helping me naturally rebalance my hormones with supplements I could have never figured out on my own and that few doctors, including many obgyns, understand. My daily anxiety has also completely disappeared. I would spend the time and money over and over again if I had to. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.


I was definitely going through a midlife crisis. I hit 40, perimenopause kicked in and my emotions were all over the place. I felt like my entire life was spent on the wrong things and I needed a real change. This program helped me realize that I had some major inner healing to do, but the ease with which I achieved it blew my mind. I even take what I learned here to my therapist and it blew her mind! I would hands down recommend this to any woman who feels that stress and feeling generally unwell is the story of their life. This is the new direction the entire world should take and I thank Dr. Holda for boldly taking the lead. I am so blessed to have run across her and chose to do this program.


What's Included:

Body Reset with a personalized nutrition plan and grocery lists

A step by step guided course with life-changing practices and a signature approach based on a new paradigm

Bi-weekly live coaching calls with Dr. Holda Gueye

Direct WhatsApp chat for those paying in full or early bird registration



3-month ongoing membership ($300 value): This includes continued access to all course material, meditations and worksheets, as well the nutrition plan. ($300 value)


35% off recommended supplements (if needed based on your questionnaire) for a year through Fullscript


Direct chat access with Dr. Holda Gueye for those paying in full or for early bird registration


Membership in a supportive private community

Meet Dr. Holda

Dr. Holda Gueye is a Johns Hopkins trained board-certified OBGYN. She is among the top OBGYN doctors in the United States and internationally. In addition to her excellent medical care, Dr.

Gueye is known for her warmth, compassion, and unparalleled bedside


Dr. Gueye has received additional training in herbal medicine and how this

can be used safely with traditional medicine and functional medicine. As a

certified health coach, she believes in the holistic, root cause-oriented

approach to medical care while respecting the benefits of traditional


She is the author of the matrix coaching method which helps women transform their health and their lives which she presented at her April 2023 TEDx talk.

Who This Is NOT For:

  • Those unwilling to change nutrition and habits

  • Individuals not open to spiritual coaching, meditation, breath-work, etc

  • Those resistant to a new paradigm for radical, miraculous changes

You have three options:

  • Do nothing, and nothing changes

  • Piece meal solutions for temporary relief that never give you long lasting satisfaction

  • Join the courageous women choosing radical life transformation!

Total Program Value:

Course $2500

Live calls $4000 [$1000 hourly rate for sessions with Dr. Holda]

Meditations and resources $2200

Direct unlimited chat $8000

Nutrition plan complete with grocery lists $500

3 month extended membership $300

$17,500 [But you won’t pay anything near this!]

This program opens a few times a year:




I accept 15-20 women per cohort however we receive between 100-150 applicants every 3 months. In order to make sure that this program will give you what you need, we require a waitlist registration followed by an application and meet and greet with Dr. Holda. If this program is not right for you, we will give you some guidance on what may be more useful for you.

Questions, we have answers!

1. What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this program, we have a no refund policy however we are dedicated to your success. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

2. Will I get 1:1 support?

Yes! You will receive live group support with Dr. Holda Gueye and for those who pay in full, 1:1 chat support with Dr. Gueye via WhatsApp to share your insights and progress.

3. Will Dr. Gueye help diagnose me with any conditions?

No. Although Dr. Gueye is a physician, she is not considered YOUR doctor. Every recommendation should be checked with your own physician.

4. Should I stop seeing my doctor?

No. Although Dr. Gueye is a physician, she is not considered YOUR doctor. Every recommendation should be checked with your own physician.

Why wait?

Reclaim your life with Dr. Holda Gueye's transformative program.

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